Whetter at St Michaels Mount4

Dr James Whetter
at St Michaels Mount


The Roseland Institute


Trelispen Caravan & Camping Park

Essays Ancient & Modern

Essays Ancient & Modern

These essays were inspired by the local newspaper, the Western Morning News. They started a "Cornish Page" in 1996 and I was asked to contribute. Necessarily they had to be short articles, about 1000 words in length. Thirty of mine were published and these were reproduced here. I had a number prepared in addition but they never saw the light of day. Together I thought they would make an attractive work, reflecting my local and more general studies, both "ancient" and "modern". A.L. Rowse would have appreciated them I am sure, being a great enthusiast for lucid, succinct work. Naturally some have become a little dated with the years rolling on but, especially regarding those already published I thought it made sense to reproduce them much as they originally appeared - I have tidied up text and style a little here and there...
2005,  10

Essays Ancient & Modern