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Dr James Whetter
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Cornish People in the 15th Century

Cornish People in the 15th Century

These essays represent the second of the follow-up works from my study of the Bodrugan family. My book on 13th century Cornwall, which I hope is a useful contribution to Cornish historiography, was published in 1998. Working on Henry Bodrugan and other members of the family in the 15th century, I accumulated a lot of material about other people in Cornish society in the period. I looked at the wills that were available and, tying this material in with memorials that survive in Cornish churches, I thought a work could be put together illustrating life at the time in Cornwall. Hence the present study. Several of the articles have appeared in issues of "Old Cornwall"; for others this is their first publication. Some are carefully referenced but in other cases, especially those relating to members of the Bodrugan family, sources can be located in my book or are particularly obvious. 1999, 15

Cornish People in the 15th Century