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Dr James Whetter
at St Michaels Mount


The Roseland Institute


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The History of Gorran Haven p1

The History of Gorran Haven p1

"The History of Gorran Haven: Part 1" deals with the early history of this delightful south Cornish fishing village,  from the first settlement of the site and the establishment of the chapel there by holy Justus in the 5th or 6th century until 1800 A.D.The first name of the settlement was "Portheast " from "Porth-Just", and, as a sheltered cove, part of a peninsula jutting into the Channel, in an area rich in shell-fish and whose waters were frequented by many different varieties of marinelife, all the evidence suggests that fishing as an occupation was being practised from an early date. The society, families, life-style, population and economic changes are all amply explored to provide a valuable re-creation of a Cornish fishing community in the period, of interest to those with connections with the village and area as well as those concerned with fishing and local history generally.
1990,  12.75

The History of Gorran Haven p1