Whetter at St Michaels Mount4

Dr James Whetter
at St Michaels Mount


The Roseland Institute


Trelispen Caravan & Camping Park

Walking Cornwall in the 1990s

Walking Cornwall in the 1990s

This account is much as I wrote it after completing the walks in 1994. As I mentioned in my memoir of him published last year, I showed it to Dr. Rowse. He did not really pass judgement and, having other projects I was engaged on, I put it to one side for the time. I only thought to resurrect it when looking around this year for other things to do. It began to have some interest I thought. It was becoming a historical record, a view of one of Cornwall's main attractions at a different period. Because Dr. Rowse was so much involved - the writing up was his suggestion and he appears as general overseer of the walks - it can indeed be seen as a pendant to my memoir of him. It is produced here much as it was written in 1994, though I have replaced the present with the past tense in some places, "now" with "then" etc., remedied, I hope, some of the stylistic deficiencies and added a few notes here and there.
2005,  10

Walking Cornwall in the 1990s