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Cornish People in the 20th Century

Cornish People in the 20th Century

Part I – Working on my studies of writers Christopher Caudwell and Geraint Goodwin I thought it would be useful to write up the lives of contemporaries who had Cornish or Celtic connections – this for the quarterly journal The Cornish Banner. This is essentially the background to the book. Eventually I produced about 30 articles. Some that do not relate to Cornwall I have excluded but there were still too many for one volume so I decided to produce them in two. This one has articles on John Campbell, Christopher Wood, William Golding, Bernard Walke, Guy Gibson, John Betjeman, Len Harvey, Daphne du Maurier, Patrick Glasson, Nigel Tangye, William Savage and Compton Mackenzie. As well as helping my studies of Caudwell and Goodwin I trust they are illuminating about their lives and work and a contribution to an understanding of this key period in Cornish history. The second volume I plan to produce in 2014.
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Cornish People in the 20th Century