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Dr James Whetter
at St Michaels Mount


The Roseland Institute


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Cornwall from the Newspapers 1781-93

Cornwall from the Newspapers 1781-93

Looking around for topics for the magazine I edit, the Cornish Banner / An Baner Kernewek, in the early 1980s I thought an interesting feature could be made with extracts from the main newspaper that circulated in Cornwall in the late 18th century, the Sherborne Mercury. So over the following 12 years I produced a selection of references relating to Cornwall - the paper also covered other south western counties. More recently I wrote for the magazine a series of short biographies of Cornish people who lived in that century and did intend to include a resume of the material from the paper as one article.  However, as often seems the case, the work ended up too long and I had to exclude it. Having got assistance in the past winter with my publishing activities it occurred to me to produce it as a separate work, illustrated with contemporary prints ... 2000,  7.50

Cornwall from the Newspapers 1781-93