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Dr James Whetter
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Cornwall in the 13th Century

Cornwall in the 13th Century

Having completed my study of the medieval Cornish knightly family, the Bodrugans, I was considering other fields of research. Two avenues it seemed fruitful to explore. First, having looked at society in the period of the last Bodrugan, Sir Henry, 1426-c.1490, it seemed logical to fill out some of my investigations regarding his contemporaries and immediate predecessors and to produce a study of Cornish personalities of the 15th century - on a par with my earlier study of Cornish people in the 17th century. Second, having got into the sources of the High Middle Ages - with my study of the family in its early stages - it seemed useful to examine the Cornish economy for the early period in a similar way to my thesis ("An Economic History of Cornwall in the 17th Century", Ph.D., London, 1965). The 13th century seemed the ideal period - I always feel a century, a hundred years, is a good one to explore the characteristics of a society and its economy...   1998, 30

Cornwall in the 13th Century