Whetter at St Michaels Mount4

Dr James Whetter
at St Michaels Mount


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Trelispen Caravan & Camping Park

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A Memoir of Trethosa Village

Cornish People Part 2

Cornish People in the 15th Century

A British Hero

Cornish People in the 18th Century

Cornish People in the 20th Century

Cornish Weather & Cornish People in the 17th Century

Cornwall from the Newspapers 1781-93

Cornwall in the 13th Century

Cornwall in the 17th Century, A Study in Economic History

Discovering Welsh Roots, A history of the Goodwin Family

Dr A L Rowse Poet, Historian, Lover of Cornwall

Essays Ancient & Modern

Geraint Goodwin

Lord De Dunstanville

Old Portmellon

The Bodrugans, A study of a Cornish Knightly Family

The Cornish Farmer, A study of a Parish and a Family

The History of Falmouth

The History of Glasney College

The History of Gorran Haven p1

The History of Gorran Haven p2

Victorian Gorran

Walking Cornwall in the 1990s

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